Tuesday, November 18, 2008

White Christmas Pie

Step into Amish country for this bittersweet holiday romance. Here you'll meet Will Henderson, a young man tortured by his past, and Karen Yoder, a young woman looking for answers. Add a desperate father searching for his son, and you have all the ingredients for a first-class romance that will inspire and enthrall.

Abandoned by his father, Will Henderson was raised by an Amish couple. Now he's about to marry Karen Yoder but is having second thoughts. Can Will overcome the bitterness of his past in order to secure his future? Karen cannot break through the barrier her fiance has suddenly constructed around his heart. When she seeks the advice of an old boyfriend, Will begins to see green. Has he already lost his chance for happiness?

When an accident threatens Will's life, the strength of blood ties is tested. Will a recipe for White Christmas pie contain the ingredients for a happily-ever-after?

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In Review: When my first son was born, I developed a real concern and it developed into a prayer that God would let me live long enough to raise my sweet baby. I just couldn't imagine leaving him alone without a mother. God helped me to deal with that fear and helped me to realize that He loved both of us very much and He would always take care of us, but every once in a while that little fear just creeps up. Kind of like when I picked up this book.

Will only thought his life was turned upside down when his Mom died. It really turned upside down when his Dad and he spent the night in the home of a very nice Amish family. The next morning when he woke up his Dad was gone and he had been left there without a note or explanation or anything.

Like most children, Will adjusted to life with this special couple who took him in as their own son. He grew into a wonderful young man although his heart never lost the ache for his father who abandoned him.

Just as he is getting ready to get married, his Father finds him. The ending of the book showed me truly just how God can work together for our good. It may not be today or tomorrow, but He does. Always. In His time. Sometimes it is over a delicious piece of pie!

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Mollymobo said...

Hi Krisa's Sister!

I absolutely love Wanda Brunstetter's books and apparently you do too. I buy them, read them and either pass them to the Brandon Library or sell them on Ebay. I can't wait to make that pie either.

Wanda from BankPlus