Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stand-In Groom

In Review: In Bonneterre Louisiana, English expatriate George Laurence and wedding planner Ann Hawthorne meet in a restaurant through her cousin Forbes the lawyer. Despite her immediate attraction, Forbes is insistent that they are not meant to be. Why did he fail to tell her George would show up the next day with his fiancée Courtney Landry to hire her to plan their wedding.

Ann is disappointed once again while George is despondent because he cannot tell her that he is not the groom; his employer is. If he reveals the masquerade he will be retuned to England.

As Ann and George work together on his wedding, their initial attraction turns to love. He desperately wants to tell her the truth even if that means deportation, but he now fears that she will reject him having been burned by her now famous former fiancé, Cliff Ballantine who is back in the picture.

What a great contemporary romance interspersed with a story of misconception and ultimately forgiveness. This theme is set early when Ann turns to God to whine that the Lord is punishing her for her inability to forgive Cliff by having her plan the wedding of a man she believes is her soul mate.

Kaye Dacus provides a wonderful southern romance where to forgive is human; to fall in love is divine.

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Shelby said...

All right, Deanna, now you've gone and done it.... I've been good about not buying any of these books because they just cost so darn much as compared to "regular" books but this one sounds too good to miss!