Monday, April 13, 2009


In Review: Many arguments and discussions today center around video games. Are they harmful? Do they translate from fantasty into reality? If you have ever had any doubts, then Deadlock will shove those doubts out of your mind and send shivers down your spine. Deadlock is a twisting story about what happens when a cunning billionaire uses video games to train basically unsuspecting teen video game addicts into highly trained cult-like soldiers.

There was no way to read this book fast enough to see what is going to happen, but at the same time the mind is racing at the thought of knowing that something like this could truly be a reality. Using a slightly off key version of the song, "Oh be careful little eyes what you see..." would make amazing background music for an on screen version of this book!

Book Description: John Hutchinson thinks it's no coincidence that Brendan Page runs this modern Praetorian Guard, and that the billionaire military industrialist must have had something to do with the atrocities his son Declan committed in Canada. The Canadian and U.S. Justice departments disagree, but Hutch has been digging for dirt ever since.

Brendan Page has some dirty not-so-little secrets. he's built an empire on supplying futuristic weapons and highly trained soldiers to the world's most powerful armies. But he's saved his most destructive weapons for himself.

When Hutch discovers the secret of Page's success, Page decides to teach him a lesson. But the operation goes terribly wrong, and Hutch's son is kidnapped. While a lone man stands little chance against the best black op soldiers ever issued M-16s, Hutch manages to survive longer than Page anticipated. As far as Hutch is concerned, high-tech helmets, machine guns, and hand grenades are nothing compared to a man determined to save his son. It's a lesson he sets out to teach Page-and one that he can only hope works as well in the real world as it does in his heart.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Deadlock, go HERE

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