Sunday, June 7, 2009


In Review: Horror is not my genre. However, when this book showed up on the review list I signed up to read it for the basic fact that I was intriqued on how an author was going to approach this genre considering this is a Christian Fiction Review.

If you enjoy horror, you would not be disappointed. Dennis, the main character, is a best selling author who writes "Stephen King" like novels. Following the death of his wife, he can't seem to write an address on an envelope much less a best selling book. Under the pressure of a deadline, he pulls out and submits the work of another author hoping he will never be discovered. I began to think this would be the sum total of hope in this book and I read gory death scene after gory scene which were recounts of the author's previous bestselling books.

Dennis' haunting in the book is so haphazard and back and forth that it was like riding the tilt a whirl at the fair. It left me feeling dizzy and wondering what the purpose was.

The issue of "heaven" and the possibility of facing redemption was not addressed until the VERY end of the book. It also wasn't addressed very well as his dead wife was the one who came to him to tell him about heaven. She showed it to him as a cabin and brick road. Dead wives aren't the way to heaven. Jesus is.... "I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through ME." That point was skipped over entirely.

So did I like the book? No. But I didn't expect to because I don't like horror. However, I think there can be a place for horror in the Christian market. There is horror in the Bible -- hell is definitely a HUGE jumping off point for this. However, I wanted to read it because I think if you are going to do something in this genre and say it is a Christian book, then you have certain responsibilities.

I believe this book failed.

Book Description:

Suspense writer Dennis Shore has kept readers on the edge of their seats for years, but when Dennis is stricken by a paralyzing case of writer's block and a looming deadline, he desperately claims someone else's writing as his own--a sin that a man named Cillian Reed is aware of and will use to torment Dennis in ways he has only imagined in his books. By the author of Isolation. Original.

For years Dennis Shore has thrilled readers with his spooky bestselling novels. Now a widower, Dennis is finally alone in his house, his daughter attending college out of state. When he's stricken by a paralyzing case of writer's block and a looming deadline, Dennis becomes desperate. Against better judgment, he claims someone else's writing as his own, accepting undeserved accolades for the stolen work. He thinks he's gotten away with it . . . until he's greeted by a young man named Cillian Reed--the true author of the stolen manuscript. What begins as a minor case of harassment quickly spirals out of control. As Cillian's threats escalate, Dennis finds himself on the brink of losing his career, his sanity, and even his life. The horror he's spent years writing about has arrived on his doorstep, and Dennis has nowhere to run.


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