Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Sacred Cipher

History's greatest secret could be tomorrow's greatest threat More historically and biblically accurate than The DaVinci Code and just as adventurous as an Indiana Jones movie, The Sacred Cipher combines action and mystery to draw readers into a world of ancient secrets and international escapades.

When an ancient scroll appears in a secret room of the Bowery Mission in New York City, Tom Bohannon is both stunned and intrigued. The enigma of the scroll's contents will send Bohannon and his team ricocheting around the world, drawing the heat of both Jewish and Muslim militaries, and bringing the Middle East to the brink of nuclear war in this heart-pounding adventure of historical proportions. The Sacred Cipher is a riveting, fact-based tale of mystery and suspense.

If you want to read the Prologue of The Sacred Cipher, go HERE

Book Review:    When did I start loving this book?  Page 1.   Following the historic journey of this Sacred Cipher literally through history and through the many scholars who were trying to solve its mystery.     For as many people who were trying to solve this puzzle, there were that many people willing to murder to see that the puzzle was never solved.     The puzzle's mystery is so great that it brings the Middle East to the brink of nuclear war.     

I don't know how to say it better than this:  I LOVED this book.      Oftentimes when you read a book of this length, you find "filler".   "Filler" in my definition are things that the author added for word count.     In my opinion "fillers" add nothing to the story.   However, there is NONE of that in The Sacred Cipher. 

Great, great, great book!


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