Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Not About Him

Susie passed out while drinking at Jeff’s party and later discovered she’s pregnant. She has no idea who the father is and considers having an abortion, but instead decides to place her baby for adoption. Following through ends up being more wrenching than she imagined, but she’s determined to do the right thing for her baby.

Jeff feels guilty that Susie was taken advantage of at his party and offers to marry her so she won’t have to give up her baby, like his birth mother did with him. But Susie refuses, insisting he should he marry someone he loves. Can he convince her that his love is genuine before it’s too late? Can she make him understand that it’s not about him—it’s about what’s best for her child?

If you would like to read the prologue and first chapter of It's Not About Him, go HERE

Book Review:     This book was on the counter at work and one of the girls picked it up.     "Mrs. G, the cover of this book is awful.   If I was in the store I wouldn't look twice at it.    Why are you reading it?"      Sadly what my co-worker said is true.     The cover art for this book is just a tragedy.    So much so that no matter the story inside I fear that no one will ever give the book a second glance.

Do you know what is sad about that?    The story inside these pages is really good.   Really well written.    Sutton does such a good job writing on a level that could speak to teens facing this situation.    She also hits the heart strings of people who have experienced a situation such as this.



Michelle Sutton said...

Thanks for reviewing the book. Sheaf House is looking at revamping the covers for this series and re-releasing them as a set in 2011. Maybe you can give some input into the new design. Ironically a lot of people say they love the cover, too. Who knows? It's definitely a matter of tastes. But one thing I do know is that I want people to read the story and if the cover keeps them from looking at the story then I want that to change. So if you are interesting in looking at future reworked covers, let me know. Thanks!

Andi said...

Ba-humbug! I highly disagree about the cover! I think the cover is perfect for the book! And my daughter who is 16 picked it up and started reading it. So obviously it wasn't a deterrent for her.