Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Becca...By The Book

Sales clerk, barista, telemarketer, sign waver...

At twenty-five, free-spirited Becca Daniels is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. What Becca doesn’t want to be is bored. She craves the rush of a new experience, whether it’s an extreme sport, a shocking hair color, or a new guy. That’s why she quit her bookstore job, used her last bit of credit to go skydiving, and broke her leg.

And that’s why, grounded and grumpy, Becca bristles when teased by friends for being commitment-phobic. In response, Becca issues an outrageous wager—that she can sustain a three-month or twenty-five date relationship with the next guy who asks her out. When the guy turns out to be “churchy” Ben—definitely not Becca’s type—she gamely embarks on a hilarious series of dates that plunge her purple-haired, free-speaking, commitment-phobic self into the alien world of church potlucks and prayer meetings.

This irrepressible Getaway Girl will have you cheering her on as she “suffers” through her dates, gains perspective on her life’s purpose, and ultimately begins her greatest adventure of all.

If you'd like to read the first chapter of Becca By The Book, go HERE

Book Review
Becca is refreshing because her perspective is one we need to hear.    She isn't a Christian.    She has no desire to be "churched".    She has a radar for all tell-tale signs of Christianese. (Is that a word?)   

Of course, as we all know God will run take every step possible to try to get your attention.   However, He is a gentleman.    He won't force Himself on you.  

Becca is part adventure and part control freak.    Those two parts collide when she has a sky diving accident that leaves her with a broken leg.     With no means of normal adventure, she accepts her Getaway Girls' challenge to date the next guy who crosses her path.     Not just one date, but twenty-five!     Wouldn't you know that God would put Christian Ben in her path who will take her out on dates to every conceivable church event, singles group potluck and worship conference he can think of.     Not because he is trying to convert her, but because that is his life.

I loved the journal she began to keep of all the lingo and words that Christians use.    Someone I think maybe Mrs. Walker should actually publish that book because we Christians forget how crazy we sound sometimes.

I am not sure if Becca's character is going to continue is another book or not, but I hope so because I was disappointed to see the end kind of left hanging.  

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