Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Last Day


Warren Harlan Pease, the young narrator of this spellbinding novel, returns to his native New Hampshire from the Iraq War and spends an entire day with Jesus visiting and contemplating his own life with fresh eyes, and a willing heart. He examines his relationships to those he loves─his girlfriend, his best friend, his father, his dead mother, his daughter ─ and grapples with the pain he has been carrying since the death of his mother when he was still a boy.

While in Iraq, armed with his sniper’s ‘s rifle and his deeply held faith, Specialist Pease traveled across ideological borders and earned an appreciation for his enemy’s culture and for what connect us all as human beings. He also learned how to kill and taught others to do the same. “War doesn’t test your faith in Jesus,” Warren comes to realize. “It tests your faith in yourself.” The Last Day answers some questions and asks many more. It’s a powerful meditation on religion and war, love and loss.

This work of compassion and healing grace will resonate with skeptics and believers, be shared and discussed between friends and among families. It is a book for our time, and forever.

If you would like to read an excerpt from Chapter one of , go HERE

Book Review
The premise of this book is spending an entire day with Jesus examining Warren's life.     Think about that!   Fascinating.    Absorbing.    Thought provoking.  

One of the best lines in the book has to be on page 268, "A good soldier walked with God. A frightened soldier asked God to walk with him.”(268)

 I recently read an article with James Landis.    He said that he found the idea for writing this book was found in Emily Dickinson's poem, "Artist", which contains the line "and at the time was truly taken by a line that referred to Jesus in the air.      He stated that it was the image of someone just looking for Jesus that started this book.   Not a story, a character, narrator — just looking for Jesus.

Landis' own search for Jesus seems apparent in this book.     In a lot of ways, based on the way the story is written I think that perhaps he is still searching.

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