Saturday, March 13, 2010

Molly's Money Saving Digest

Book Description

Are you squeezing 32 hours into a 24-hour day?
How often does your money do a disappearing act?
Is stuff overflowing your home and hindering your happiness?

Time, money, and belongings—everyone deals with them.
Find out how to get a grip on it all.

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest
January 2010

51 pages
Ebook   $4.95

 Book Review
Is there any better way to start a year than getting organized?     Well, yes, there is.   Having someone actually tell you how to do it!    That is what I loved about getting to review the January issue of Molly's Money Saving Digest.     Her main focus was: evaluate, prioritize and organize!

On the first pages of the digest I found my true loves:  recipes.   I love to cook but making pie crusts has been a nemesis so seeing a recipe for a pie crust that promised to be no fail definitely piqued my interest.     I tried it and it worked.... even for me.     Made a delicious chocolate chess pie for my boys.     Woo hoo!   No more frozen pie crusts for me.      (Hey, Molly is right.    This is a money saving digest!)  

I have found cooking to be an incredible way to teach science, math and general skills in our homeschooling and many of the recipes in this digest are ones that will be used in our classroom setting.    I loved that the Digest thinks the same and gave a suggestion for using all of the pie recipes and pies in general for math in your homeschool setting.

The calendar of items which are on sale during the month of January is such a help for any mom trying to be a good steward of her family's finances.     And my boys love celebrating all the wacky holidays such at National Popcorn Day, National Pie Day and Chocolate Cake Day!

Speaking of organizing, it was nice to have budget charts, calendars and blank to do lists ready to print.      A clothing inventory sheet was also included.     Oh, isn't that a terrible job, but I love the idea of filling out this inventory sheet and putting it in my binder so I can better keep track of my families clothing needs.

Two frugal but attractive crafts were included.    The supplies needed could be found at the local Dollar Store, but I have them around my house so I can't wait to use these ideas to tuck some new Scripture in an attractive way around the house.

If I could hug Molly's neck I would because opening this digest was like having someone else write out my shopping list for this week.     There is an entire week of recipes including a SHOPPING LIST!    Can you hear the angels singing?     I can.     There wasn't one recipe on the entire menu that my boys couldn't help me prepare or say "What is that?!"      They were all win/win meals for our family and included things like pork tenderloin, vegetable soup, fancy grilled cheese, and grilled chicken salad.

Other things included in this digest:  a craft for the kids, a lesson in keeping a checkbook, photo storage solutions and tips, how to make a jewelry organizer, "This Is My Story" article, letters from Molly's "Mailbag" and an entire directory of money saving links!

I had never heard of Molly and her Money Saving Digest before receiving this ebook to review, but now that I have I know that we are going to be very good friends!


Wanda M said...

So - where do you get this book- I think it says it's an eBook - I'm all for saving time and money. I tried the link but it didn't work for the book.

Wanda M

Deanna said...

Hey! If you try again you will see if it is working. I shouldn't have named the link with two lines. The first line wouldn't link but the second one did. One of those weird technical things.

Patti Lacy said...

Deanna, I LOVE this blog. You have such a wonderful variety of topics that always seem "right on" for me.

Alan and I have been convicted of how we waste $ that others in our church (like those fostering children) could use. This book could help us find the holes through which the $$ seeps.

Love this blog!