Friday, July 16, 2010

Does God Exist?

Many Christian students graduate from high school unaware that they’ll soon face the toughest test of their lives—a test of heart and mind. Colleges and universities challenge young adults in ways that make them question their faith and convictions while immersed in a culture that says their beliefs are absurd and impractical.

The TrueU™ series, produced by Focus on the Family and Tyndale House Publishers, will help students
prepare to face tough questions about their faith and Christian worldview by solidifying what they already know as truth with evidence to back it up.

In TrueU: Does God Exist?, the first DVD of the series, Dr. Stephen Meyer plays a ―philosophical survival
game, pitting four worldviews against each another in the quest to decide which one gives the best answers. Dr. Meyer helps teens examine the evidence and provides the tools they need to defend their faith and make it their own. Some of the lessons covered include:
*  Faith and Reason
*  The Big Bang Cosmology
*  DNA by Design
*  The Return of the God Hypothesis
*  The Moral Necessity of Theism

The kit for TrueU: Does God Exist? includes two DVDs with ten 30-minute lessons, and a 64-page, fullcolor
booklet with discussion questions to be used in group study. Through this series, parents and youth leaders will have the opportunity to discuss the Christian worldview and spiritually prepare their teens to defend their faith in an increasingly hostile culture.

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One of the high school experiences that is permanently etched on my mind is the teacher who constantly tortured me because I was a Christian.     At first I really didn't realize why she was picking on me.     I just knew that she really seemed to make a point of making cutting remarks and trying to find ways to embarass me.     After she called a practice for a time when I normally had church and I told her that I would have to miss that practice, she called me a very inappropriate name.     I never said anything about it to anyone.     I lived in the day when teachers were always right.    

What a difference it would have made if I had the advantage of TrueU during that time.    It is a confidence and knowledge that I want my own boys to have as they go out into the work/college/friend world.   

This series includes 2 DVD's with ten thirty minute sessions.   The sessions included are:  Faith and Reason, The Big Bang theory, DNA, Intelligent Design, The Return of the God Hypothesis, and The Moral Necessity of Theism.    If you have ever watched the "Drive Thru History" series, you will recognize Dave Stotts as one of the series narrators!

I love the way Dr. Meyers presents the creationism view to his students.   He allows them to asks the questions.     Through their discussions he shows them how creationism is the most perfect worldview.   

I am so excited to use this in our homeschool Bible study this fall and then share this with our church youth group.

I received this series free from Tyndale Publishers as part of their Blogger Review Program in exchange for a honest review.    The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision's 16 CFR, Part 255.