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After a tour of duty in a war-torn country, embattled former Navy SEAL Max Jacobs finds himself discarded and alienated from those he loves as he
struggles with war-related PTSD. His wife, Sydney, files a restraining order against him and a petition for divorce. Max is devastated.

Then a mysterious a man appears. He says he's organizing a group that recycles veterans like Max. It's a deep-six group known as Nightshade. With the chance to find purpose in life once again, Max is unable to resist the call of duty and signs on.

The team handles everything with precision and lethal skill...until they're called upon to rescue a missionary family from a rebel-infested jungle and
avoid a reporter hunting their identities.

Will Max yield his anger and pride to a force greater than

If you would like to read the first chapter of Nightshade, go HERE.

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Book Review

After reading Ronie's first book Dead Reckoning (read my review here) I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her next book.     Nightshade is the first book in a series of four military/suspense books called Discarded Heroes.   

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers. –Jose Narosky

Such a true statement and one posted on Ronie's website for those men and women who feel they fit into the category of "discarded heroes".    

Prepare for your heart to leap into your throat as Navy Seal Max Jacobs seems to fly off the pages in a motorcycle race when you first start reading the book.      This just sets the stage for page after page of heart pounding action as Max joins a group called Nightshade.    This group accepts mysterious and dangerous missions that all seem to fly under the radar of official business.     Max scares you with the risks he is willing to take until you realize that he has a "I have nothing to live for attitude."      His wife has left him and has filed for divorce.

True to amazing Ronie Kendig writing, a series of events leads Max's wife, who is a writer, into danger which Max will be asked to help rescue her from.      If that all sounds a little predictable.    Don't be fooled.   Nothing in Ronie's book is predictable which is why once you start you don't want to put the book down.      It is also why I was the second person in my house to get to read the book.    My husband grabbed it up as soon as it arrived and wouldn't let me have it until he finished.      He loved this book as much as I did.     

The only bad thing about this book?    We have to wait until January for Digitalis to arrive in our mailbox.  

I want to insert a personal thank you to Ronie for writing this series of books.    I had a special uncle to was a discarded hero.   What a tortured life he lived.     It wasn't until just a year before his death he found peace through Christ.      The things which Ronie addresses in her book as well as on her website   means that this book series is so much more than a book, but a ministry.


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