Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fatal Loyalty

Where do you run when you know you cannot hide?

Andie Ryborg has nowhere else to go. Her father's campaign for governor and his aggressive war on drugs has chased her from their family home. Drawn to Miami's exotic Coconut Grove, Andie hopes to find a quiet refuge where she can discover herself apart from the public eye. But even in that seclusion, even with an officer assigned to protect her, Andie's privacy has been violated. Someone is watching.

Evan Markham's entire life has been a tug-of-war between what is and what could be. He is drawn to a life that is beyond his reach and emotions have clouded his judgment. Evan knows that earning someone's trust isn't easy, especially when he plans to break it. But in the secret corridors of the criminal underworld, he knows what must be done, and he is determined to see it through. Whatever the cost.

When enemies close in, a sudden turn of events leaves them both questioning. Where is God in all of this? Who is this enigmatic stranger who offers to help? They both know their lives are in danger. But what about their hearts?

If you would like to read the Prologue of Fatal Loyalty, go HERE.

Book Review

The political process for all its slimy workings makes my skin crawl and politicians in general make my stomach turn.     However, little attention is paid to what the family behind the politician has to endure so that their loved one can persue their career in politics.    

Fatal Loyalty shows this lifestyle.     Andie shows what it means to be the daughter of a politician.   To be shadowed by a bodyguard.   To have to watch over your shoulder.    To never have any privacy.     To love your parent enough to give up your own security.  

On the flip side, it also shows that God has given us all a desire to seek Him.    Evan has been raised on the other side of the tracks and poses the ultimate risk to Andie because of who his father is and what he does.    Evan ultimately wants to do what is right for himself, for Andie and for his family.

Both Andie and Evan make decisions that can put themselves, their families and their future in trouble.  

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Sue Duffy said...

Deanna, you're the reader I write for. Thank you for appreciating my message in Fatal Loyalty.
Sue Duffy