Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gathering Storm

As Nazi forces tighten the noose, Loralei Kepler, daughter of a German resistance leader, must flee her beloved Germany. But is any place safe from Adolf Hitler's evil grasp? Loralei's harrowing flight leads her into the arms of needy child refugees, who have sacrificed everything in exchange for their lives, and toward a mysterious figure, who closely guards an age-old secret.

Explore the romance, the passion, and the danger of the most anticipated series of the last twenty years.

Born from the highly acclaimed and best-loved novels of three generations of readers -- The Zion Covenant series and The Zion Chronicles series -- Zion Diaries ventures into the lives of the inspiring and intriguing characters who loved intensely, stood up for what was right, and fought boldly during Hitler's rise to power and the dark days of World War II.

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Book Review

Bodie and Brock Thoene have a huge audience of readers because of their wonderful books.     I know that I accepted this book off this the list based on author recognition alone.   

However, I might have skipped this one had I read a little deeper and known it was written during the Nazi regime time period.     It is such a horrible time period in our history that I don't usually choose to read about it.    
Loralei is a young girl who grows up so quickly.    She volunteers to marry childhood friend Varrick knowing that her American citizenship will provide safety to he and his Jewish family.      Immediately afterwards, they are separated as Varrick is sent to serve in the military.     She is given little time to think about what is going on as her family has to start their escape from the bombings and terror that is constantly at their backs from Hitler's troops.

Loralei is a woman of strength who chooses to do anything to help those around her instead of become devastated by the situation around her.  

Perhaps one of the best lines from the book and one that sums up this book the best is...

“You’ll bridge the gap between the wide world and those who are lost in it.  You’ll speak for those who have no voice.”
So much of this book reminded me of reading Anne Frank; however, it is tough to read anything from Hitler's reign that doesn't remind me of her.     

The only part of the book which really bothered me was Ebon.    I think the Boene's purpose of putting him in the book was to represent the supernatural or even perhaps an angel presence on our lives.    However, the very fact that Ebon falls in love with Loralei (and she is not the first woman) and wants to become married so he can experience love made him lose his eternal connection and therefore invalid to me. 

Would I recommend this book?      Hmmmm.... that is a tough one.     It would not go on the top of my list of books to be read.
This book provided free by Summerside Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


Patti Lacy said...

Hmmm...interesting review, Deanna. Thanks for sharing.

I just love your blog.


Mocha with Linda said...

Thank you. I thought I was the only one who wasn't crazy about this book!

Deanna said...

Thanks, Patti!

Linda, I appreciate your comments. These are such popular authors that I was a little hesitant about my own feelings although I know that is why they ask us to post reviews.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Lisa C. from the Crew and I'm catching up on the Blog Walk. You have a great blog! Do you have a way to follow? (All the graphics may not have loaded on my page, but I didn't see a way to follow)

Great job on this blog and this is a very well written review!

God bless,
Lisa C. from the Crew