Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TOS Review: Virtual Nerd

According to the Department of Education, 29% of 8th grade students tested "below basic" in math in 2009.     This doesn't surprise me as I see the teenager at the local bookstore struggle to make change for me when I buy a book.  

Math is not my best subject.    I definitely check out any and every source that I see to help me teach my boys in this area.    I want them to be more confident than I am in their math skills.    VirtualNerd was created to provide students with online tutoring and interactive step-by-step video tutorial in math and science.

The first thing that we noticed about VirtualNerd is that there are a LOT of explanations.   LOVED that!    How many times have I needed to refresh my memory on a lesson before starting the next day's lessons?   Too many to count.     The teacher sometimes needs a tutor too!

As a homeschool parent, I will say that I truly appreciate having access to quality tutorials like VirtualNerd provides.   However, a subscription rate of $49 a month ($600 a year) is way out of the budget range of this family.   

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