Thursday, March 31, 2011

Passport to the World

Travel the world, and learn some common phrases along the way! 

Each country's two-page spread features the words for hello, goodbye, thank you, and peace, fast facts about the country, money images, a proverb, pictures of both modern & traditional dress, interesting facts, and a geographic picture.

Twenty-six languages are covered, including Armenian, French, English, Cherokee, Dutch, Turkish, Hebrew, Yoruba, Oriya, Zulu, Mandarin, Ukrainian, and more. Written from a Christian perspective, the introduction explains how language differences developed from the Tower of Babel, and the note from each country comments on the religious makeup of the country. As students move through the book, they can fill in the included "passport" with the passport stickers in the back of the book. 64 pages, hardcover.

 Book Review

What a creative way to take a tour around the world!    The first tour of the world happened because people built the Tower of Babel.     God decided to give all of the people different languages so that they couldn't communicate and they all began to travel to different parts of the world.     This is in the Bible and you will find it in this book as well.    How refreshing!  Each of the twenty six languages is associated with a specific country.   

Our homeschool co-op is sponsoring a travel club this semester and this would have made an amazing book to use as a basis for that club.     If you have kids who are in PreK through 3rd grade levels, I really think this is a great introduction book to both countries AND languages.    What makes it perfect for these grade levels is because the book is set up in alphabet form.    For example:   "G" stands for German.   "M" stands for Mandarin.   "C" stands for Cherokee.   

It is fun and unique to study geography in the alphabet/language format.    Each language is set forth in a two page format.      These pages include a lot of information:   food, how to say "hello" and "goodbye", pictures of how people dress in that area, proverbs from that area, and many other things.

You won't be disappointed having this book in your library!   

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