Monday, April 4, 2011

The Alarmists

The 2012 phenomenon that's going viral around the globe has led sociology professor Jameson Richards to study the impact on society when, like the Y2K scare, 12/21/12 comes and goes with hardly a wrinkle.

This is the date that, according to the Mayan calendar, the doomsayers predict the world will end. Richards teams up with General Michaels, a scientist stationed at the Pentagon whose job it is to monitor the world's fanatics, keeping an eye out for potential terrorists. Together they uncover something sinister going on beneath the surface, linked to billionaire and media mogul Jeremy Maxwell, who also happens to be a huge manufacturer of weapons systems.

The 2012 date has captured Maxwell's attention too, and he's looking to cash in on the public's fear and paranoia. And what he instigates--along with his corrupt partners--nearly starts another war in the Middle East, while also bringing the world to its knees economically. It's up to the professor/general team to blow the whistle on Maxwell, hopefully in time to avert a major catastrophe.

If you would like to read the first chapter of The Alarmists, go HERE

Book Review

Did you read the first chapter?  Go back.   Read it!    You will be so hooked that you won't even care what I write here in my book review.     Of course, Don Hoesel writes the types of book that are among my favorites to read.  

Currently, there is a billboard not far from our neighborhood that is announcing that the world will end on May 24, 2011.      All of us remember the panic and wide spread coverage of Y2K.     Now media is starting to hint and allude to the coming potential for "apocalyptic" trouble with 2012's arrival.     It is all based on the Mayan calendar and their belief that the world would end in 2012.   

What would happen if someone decided to make money off people's fear and paranoia of the "end of the world" scenarios?    That is exactly what Don Hoesel uses as his basis for this book.     

I'm telling you.   SO good!    They should make it into a movie.

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