Thursday, May 12, 2011

TOS Review: GoTrybe

Finding ways to fit P.E. into our homeschool has been something that I have never worried about.   The boys love to jump on the trampoline, ride their bicycles, participate in 4H, play baseball and other things.    However, when I was asked to evaluate GoTrybe I thought a little more about how well we are doing on the daily aspect of P.E.

GoTrybe is a social virtual community created for all ages and features workouts, nutritional and wellness information, interactive games, and blogs for youth and parents. GoTrybe hopes to turn kids' sedentary screen time into active screen time that reinforces healthy habits. 

GoTrybe has programs available for different age groups:
  • ZooDoos is for the elementary ages, K-5th grade
  • Trybe180 is for middle school ages, 6th-8th grade
  • NexTrybe is for high school ages, 9th-12th grade
We received a subscription to Trybe180!    If you would like to try GoTrybe you can go and sign up — GETFIT will let you try it yourself for free, and after that trial, a full year subscription is $19.95.

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