Thursday, August 25, 2011

100 Days to Christmas ebook

100 Days to Christmas...
A Daily Dose of Inspiration and Motivation for a Meaningful Holiday Season

Christmas is my favorite time of year!     Cookies baking, friends coming over, Christmas carols playing everywhere, our church Christmas musical, riding around and seeing lights.... so many amazing traditions.     The last thing I want to ruin it is the crowds and shopping and craziness that can definitely suck you in.    

I have been a fan of 100 Days to Christmas for several years.     It is has been my goal to be finished with my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving for several years.   However, since discovering 100 Days to Christmas, I have been able to get organized enough to have all those things checked off my list that I want to do, but do NOT want to do during the holidays.

100 Days to Christmas ebook takes all the stress and worry out of Christmas.    It is all organized into small bite sized steps.     It allows you to do small things in the 100 days leading up to Christmas so that you can be organized and ready for all the holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Columbus Day PLUS get ready for Christmas.

Would you like a sneak peek at this amazing ebook?    I have it for you HERE!!

Can I tell you how much I love the fact that they have links to Pinterest for creative ideas for each holiday?    If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you will be hooked after clicking all the amazing links in this ebook.

You don't want to miss this amazing ebook because September 16 is right around the corner.    That marks 100 Days to Christmas!

The only thing that would make this book any better is if I could input my Christmas list and have it order the gifts for me.... and it ALMOST does that too!!

Why not follow 100 Days to Christmas on FACEBOOK!!     It provides you even more amazing tips.

Don't delay.   Order your ebook of 100 Days to Christmas right now!   It is available in Kindle*, Nook*, and PDF.     And at $4.99 it is a STEAL to get you ready for the holidays in a stress free way. 

*Kindle and Nook versions ready in the next few days!