Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homeschool: Apologia Biology

Big Guy is taking Apologia Biology.    I have been fortunate to find an online class for him to attend so that he has the benefit of a science teacher who gives him the lectures on each module.

If you are looking for great online classes I highly suggest CurrClick.    Big Guy is taking Apologia Biology with Debbie Mackin.    Mrs. Mackin also taught Little Guy's A&P class last year.    They have really enjoyed what a knowledgeable and challenging teacher that she is.  

While finding someone to lecture was a great help, I still had a lot of work to do to make sure that I found all the study aids.     If you are studying Apologia Biology and have it on your plans for the future.   I hope you find these links helpful.

Quizlet - This link provides flashcards to learn, practice and test on the vocabulary words in each module.  GREAT resource as the tests require students to be able to write all the definitions out.

On Your Own Questions  -  At the end of each section of questions, there are "On Your Own" questions.   This link will print out all of these questions so it is easy for the student to answer them.    Some teachers don't require students to answer these questions, but I require my boys to do them so if they have questions as they are reading we can talk about it before we get to the end of the chapter.

Book Extras - If you have bought the Biology book, don't miss the extras at this link.   The code you need is on page V.

Recipes for Solutions - Lab experiments require a lot of different solutions.    They can be made at home with the right recipes.  

Parts of the Microscope


The Japanese Redneck said...

That's a funny looking fish on the cover of the book.

Happy weekend.

Marty said...

Hello, Deanna.
My daughter did Apologia Biology last year, and we used Quizlet too. =)
I had started the year before w/ Physical Science finding videos to go along w/ the module, so I did it with Biology as well.
You can see what all I found and posted here. Just click on the science tab at the top.
For all the effort put into this blog, I just want it to be used as much as possible by anyone who needs it.

Marty =)