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SAT & College Prep Course for the Christian Student

SAT and College Prep Course for the Christian Student

Getting ready for college includes performing well on the SAT. The SAT score helps determine acceptance into college and the acquisition of scholarships. In the new expanded edition of the SAT and College Preparation Course for the Christian Student, Dr. James Stobaugh offers the Christian student a unique opportunity to be well prepared for the test. Also, students will focus on the spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, study, Scripture meditation and memorization, and prayer. A former SAT scorer, Stobaugh reports, “the best SAT scores come from students who have serious, disciplined prayer and devotional lives.” For this reason, the introduction to each lesson includes Scripture reading and a devotional journaling exercise.

Critical thinking and essay writing are major themes within the SAT. Stobaugh coaches the Christian student who might otherwise passionately respond to a leading essay question without hitting the marks that the test is measuring.

Dr. James Stobaugh, is a Merrill Fellow at Harvard University with additional theology degrees from Princeton and Gordon-Conwell. He is a recognized leader in homeschooling and an expert in college preparation education. He and his wife travel to speak on topics including literature, SAT/ACT preparation, and education.

Book Review

The life verse we have chosen for our boys is 3 John 1:4, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth."    I never thought a SAT prep book would help in our preparation of our boys in teaching them Truth, but this one does an incredible job.    

I am so impressed with this SAT prep book.   My son is using it using the three year format as he is in 9th grade.   If your student is in the 10th grade they could use the two year format or if in 11th grade the one year format.    

All great disciplines must be established through repetition.   The SAT prep book helps establish the disciplines of Bible reading, journaling on your reading, Scripture memorization and prayer.     Beyond it emphasizes what SAT is strong for which is critical thinking and essay writing.   Those things take a lot of practice to develop.  

This is not your typical SAT prep, however with its strong emphasis on reading, writing and the disciplines it is one that I appreciate.   It is also one that the benefits will be appreciated long after the SAT test.

This book was provided for free for review by New Leaf Publishing.

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