Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Cups

Teaching children how to save, spend, and be charitable can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

All parents want to teach their children good money habits from an early age. Many start by giving them an allowance. But it's equally important to teach children a positive, generous attitude as they learn to use money responsibly.

Filled with warm, memorable illustrations by award-winning painter, April Willy, Three Cups is the story of one family's unique and effective method of teaching personal financial management-and how one boy reaped first the small, then the immeasurably great rewards of the lessons he learned.

Families will be delighted with the heart-warming tale and want to integrate the three-cup system in their own children's lives.

You can see a beautiful sneak peek of the book here.   

GIVEAWAY!!!  Thomas Nelson has generously agreed to give one of my reader's a free copy of this book.   If you would like to enter to win a copy, leave a comment and tell me, does your child receive an allowance??    (If you win, Thomas Nelson will mail the book directly to your home.)

Book Review

With two older boys, it isn't often that we are asked to review children's books.     When Three Cups arrived I just couldn't resist the temptation so I told the boys to gather around for a book.     They looked at me like I was crazy, but with a teen and pre-teen, they look at me a lot like that these days.    I asked them to help me review the book.   

I loved the size of the book.   It would be very easy for small hands to handle and turn the pages.    The illustrations were so warm and beautiful.    

The story is about a little boy who is celebrating his birthday.   His parents give him three cups and tell him he is going to start receiving an allowance.   The three cups are for spending, saving and giving.     They explain they will divide the money up into the cups.   (There is no explanation as to how or how much.   They simply say they will divide the money.)

The little boy eventually takes his saving cup to the bank.   

He also uses his spending cup to buy a new baseball glove.   

His giving cup is used to buy soup for a food drive at his school.

He uses his three cup method until he grows up and passes it into his own little boy.

When we finished reading the book I asked my boys what they thought.    Both my boys liked the book. But they both said the same thing.  "Is this not a Christian book?   Why didn't the little boy not give the money from his giving cup to the church for his tithe?"    

I thought the same thing, but I did discover later in reading the parent's guide at the back of the book that it does mention tithing as an option for the giving cup.   

I do applaud this book and its simple introduction to children in how to save, spend and give.

I was provided a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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