Monday, November 21, 2011

Why God Won't Go Away

The rise of the new atheism, which includes the manifestos of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, has created a public willingness in today’s marketplace to talk about God and religion. Yet the debate up to this point has focused largely on rebutting the new atheist critique of Christianity. Why God Won't God Away moves into new territory by challenging the new atheism on its own grounds.

Chapters include discussion on:
-What is the new atheism
-The problem of religion
-The problem of human nature
-Believing only what can be proved
-Dealing with imagined worlds and myths
-The new humanism and the new enlightenment
-Violence and dogmatism

This book is written by a theology professor and Christian apologist who not only has a best-selling book rebutting the new atheist critique of Christianity but has debated Richard Dawkins in Oxford, Christopher Hitchens in Washington, and Daniel Dennett in London.

Book Review

Something very important to keep in mind before you start reading this book is to remember that this is not a book written with the purpose to that God is real.   It is not even meant to lead you to God or to find "religion".  This book's purpose is to show the faults and flaws of what are considered the leading authorities of today's New Atheism.   He basically does what a wise person in my life once told me, "Just because you don't want to believe in what God says does not make it not true!"   

In Why God Won't Go Away, Alister challenges the beliefs embraced by four main writers: Richard Dawkins, Daniel C Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hutchins. He refers to them as "The Four Horsemen" , the result of an informal discussion among the four in 2007.

Reading his writing all seemed so rational that I wondered why I get so flustered when talking with a few atheist friends of mine.    It made me realize that I am not as prepared as I need to be.    It also reminded me that it is not my job to convince them.  That is GOD's job and I am so not equipped to stand in His shoes!

I received this resource free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their Book Sneeze book review blogger program. All that was required of me is that I review it, positively or negatively, on my site.

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