Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dog That Talked To God

This week, the
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is introducing
The Dog That Talked To God
Abingdon Press (March 2012)
Jim Kraus


Jim Kraus grew up in Western Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. He attended the Paris-American Academy in 1971 and has spent the last twenty years as a vice-president of a major Christian publishing house. He has written more than 20 books and novels (many with his wife, Terri). His book, The Silence, was named as one of the top five releases in 2004 by the Christian Book Review website. He is also an award-winning photographer. He and his wife and 14-year-old son live outside of Chicago with a sweet miniature schnauzer and an ill-tempered Siberian cat.


A wonderfully quirky, heart-breaking, heart-warming and thought-provoking story of a woman's dog who not only talks to her, he talks to God.

Recently widowed Mary Fassler buys a miniature schnauzer, Rufus, and her world is turned sideways in the midst of her grief. It seems that Rufus speaks. And not just to her. He also talks to God.

Mary has no choice except to believe Rufus, the miniature schnauzer, who claims to speak to the Divine.

The question is: Will Mary follow the dog's advice, and leave everything she knows and loves? Is this at the urging of God? Or is it something else?
Will Mary risk it all or ignore the urgings of her own heart?

If you would like to read a chapter excerpt from The Dog That Talked To God, go HERE.

Book Review

When this book arrived, my son pulled it out of the package and started laughing.   He said, "You are going to LOVE this book, Mom."   I saw the title and put the book at the bottom of my reading pile.   I knew I had to read it, but I just wasn't excited about it.   

We spent the last week at our friends' house and they have an adorable little pup, Alex.   Bright eyed, full of energy and lovable mischief, he is an adorable little pup.   All week long everyone in the house talked to Alex like he was human and he would listen and bark back like he was talking to us.  On the way home, it made me think about this book and how I needed to pick it up and read it.

Mary Fassler's life has been turned upside down and her main companion is Rufus.   He brings her the only joy in the midst of a deep dark tunnel which she seems to have fallen.     (After being with Alex for a week, I can see how a little pup could do that.)   However, Rufus begins to talk with Mary.   He not only talks to her, but he talks to God.   Rufus shares the wisdom that he gets from God.  

I'll be honest.  It was at this point in the book I had to remind myself that this was fiction.   However, I also told myself that if God to talk to Moses through a burning bush then He could use a puppy to talk to a grieving woman if He wanted to also.    Still, if you walk up to me and tell me your dog is talking to you I am going to question your sanity a little!

The book is quirky, heartwarming and sweet.  Thanks to the sweet puppy, Alex, I am glad I finally gave it a chance.  

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