Thursday, March 1, 2012

From Blah to Awe: Shaking Up A Boring Faith

Have you ever felt bored with God?
Everyone, especially teenagers, struggles with being bored with God from time to time. Sometimes church services and Bible reading don’t seem that exciting, and it’s easy to get busy and not make time to pray . . . but when this happens, we are missing out!

Jenna Lucado Bishop shares her testimony and others' stories to see what a radical, living relationship with God looks like. But this book is not just based on feelings. The Bible gives steps that will help girls hunger and thirst for more of God.

This book will not only offer girls a fresh perspective, but it will also help them do a little soul-searching and discover where they are in their own lives. Plus, it will let them in on the world’s greatest secret—that the Creator of the Universe loves and cherishes them deeply and that a fulfilling relationship with Him is the most exciting they will ever have.

Book Review
I teach a class of seventh grade girls on Sunday mornings.    I adore them.   They are sweet, silly, compassionate, fun and full of life.   However, one of the things that I see in them is that they truly haven't caught what it means to be excited for Jesus.    Even at the young age of twelve and thirteen they are so busy with school, sports and activities they haven't made time for the most important thing in life - their relationship with Jesus.

I can't wait to give my girls a copy of Jenna Lucado Bishop's new book.     She talks in a way that my girls can understand.    The book is broken up into two parts:  "Why Do I Get Bored With God?" and "Does God Care If I am Bored With Him?"  

If you just pick up the book and flip through it one of the things that will stick out are Scriptures which are bold and highlighted.   I LOVED this.   I am constantly telling my girls how the Bible relates to their live today and Jenna reinforces this and makes this a very real truth.      

She makes them see that living a life with God is not boring, but an incredible adventure.    It is one that is more exciting than any television show or music video you could ever watch!

Even though this book was aimed at teens, I must say this mom of two truly enjoyed reading it and being reminded of how great is our God.

About Jenna Lucado Bishop:
Daughter of best-selling author Max Lucado, Jenna Lucado Bishop has realized that she has a passion for writing and speaking just like her dad. She is currently a part of the Revolve Tour, an event for teen girls that includes Christian artists like Hawk Nelson, Chad Eastham, and many more.

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