Monday, May 7, 2012

The Chocolate Diaries

Ready to Make Some Sweet Changes?
Karen Linamen dishes up a satisfying blend of moxie and mocha, sharing stories from dozens of women who reveal savvy strategies for embracing a sweeter life—even while traveling rocky roads. If you’re hungry for more joy, reasons to laugh again, ideas to help you heal, and reliable hope leading to a sweeter future, this journey will leave you satisfied.

Funny, transparent, and uplifting, The Chocolate Diaries is like taking a road trip with good friends who are wise about life. And while you’re at it, indulge (just a little) in the quirky recipes for concocting chocolate delights out of whatever ingredients you can round up in your kitch. The road may still be bumpy, but you’ll be having too much fun to care.

Read an excerpt from the book!

Book Review

It only seems appropriate to read this book with at least one piece of chocolate.    How could you not with a title like "The Chocolate Diaries"?    Each section has intimate stories which you be able to relate to and bring you comfort much like that piece of chocolate.   

The diaries covers a lot of rocky roads in people's lives:  divorce,  death of a loved one, and even someone  who over comes being blind and does some amazing things such as climb a few different mountains.   The theme of the book is clear... we are all going to hit rocky roads in our life, but we have the tools to a sweeter journey with God!

I have bought several copies of this book along with a box of chocolates for friends who are dealing with different issues.   It makes a great encouragement during times of stress.


The Japanese Redneck said...

You are very sweet to do that for your dear friends.

Shelby said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Deanna, it looks good and I'm going to get it!