Friday, October 19, 2012

Undaunted: True Life Story of Josh McDowell

Undaunted: True Life Story of Josh McDowell
Run Time:  68 minutes

''Undaunted is a compelling and riveting story. This docu-drama is going to bring vision and hope to the most wounded generation in our nation's history'' --Dr. Dennis Rainey, President - FamilyLife

''I was moved from beginning to end. This film will open up the dialogue and doors that will allow the gospel to get to the harder places of our lives that are buried in shame and guilt.'' --Marc V. Rutter, U.S. National Director - Cru

Product Description

Josh McDowell grew up in a dysfunctional family with a violent, alcoholic father and a sexually abusive caregiver. These experiences left McDowell with a lifetime of scars that drove him away from God. Eager to deny the existence of a savior, McDowell sought out conflict with the Christians he encountered in college. He mocked their beliefs and scorned their faith until they issued him a challenge: prove God doesn't exist. Obsessively, McDowell traveled the world in search of evidence contradicting Christianity. What he found instead was faith a faith that led to grace and redeemed a broken man. Undaunted is a true-life docudrama depicting how Josh McDowell set out to prove Jesus Christ never existed but ended up an apostle. His work with the Campus Crusade for Christ has allowed him to spread the gospel to over ten million young people, and he's published over 70 books in the field of Christian Apologetics, including More Than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict. He is a true fisher of men.


I was working with the youth of my church with the pastor approached me and said that another pastor had approached him about the possibility of several churches joining together for a Josh McDowell conference.   I had never heard about Josh McDowell at that point.    All the details were planned.   On the first night of the conference two things happened:  (1) I was so impressed by Josh McDowell and what he had to say and
 (2) I met my husband for the first time.   That has been 24 years ago now.    Although we have been admirers of Josh McDowell's books like More Than A Carpenter, Right from Wrong and Don't Check your Brains At the Door, I never had any clue of Josh's life before his ministry.

Opening scenes of this movie start with Josh's earliest memories.   His Dad has lost their farm and the entire town has turned out to mock them.   It was painful to watch the reenactment.   I hurt to think of what that was like for him as a child.    It hurt even more to hear him admit that was the point that he turned his back on God.   

Josh grew up with an alcoholic and extremely violent father.   His mother is a large woman and has difficulties getting around.    The family hires a live in housekeeper who sexually abuses Josh for years.    Because the movie is done as a docudrama with scenes in the movie with brief scenes of narration from Josh, you can see the pain on his face as he relives each of these moments of his childhood. 

Because of some of the mature subject matter I would not recommend this movie for anyone younger than middle school age; however, I highly recommend this movie.   It is a moving testimony.    Those who have read McDowell's books will truly come away with a greater appreciation for who Josh is.

Thank you to Echo Light Studios for their providing me with a copy to review.  

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