Saturday, December 29, 2007

What A Game!

If you had to pick a Mississippi State game to go to this year, we picked the right one!

When we rolled into Memphis on Friday it was raining and I was convinced that it must be raining some football fans also with the amount of people roaming the streets wearing team colors.

Our hotel was in downtown Memphis just seconds from the Peabody Hotel which meant we were in the thick of the Bulldog fun. My ears, and probably the entire city of Memphis, are still ringing from all of the cowbells.

Here are some of our highlights from the weekend:

Favorite numbers: 10 - 3 The score of the game, of course!

Favorite sight: The smile on my husband's face at the football game

Favorite sign: "I need less cowbell!" -- from a UCF fan sitting in front of us.

Favorite request: My son's request for hot chocolate... not to drink, but to pour in his shoes to warm up his toes at the football game.

Favorite fun: Jillian's three story arcade and an empty heated indoor pool

Favorite food: Strawberry and banana crepes from The Crepe Maker

Least favorite discovery: The lines for the bathrooms at the football stadium. One ladies bathroom had 72 women in line!! (Yes, my 6 year old and I counted!)

It was a great weekend and we plan to do it again next year when Croom takes the Dawgs to their next Bowl game!

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