Friday, August 7, 2009

Foto Friday: My Nieces

I love being an aunt.    I am lucky to have three beautiful nieces.     You all know about my precious twin nieces who were born last December.      They are growing so quickly which made me realize I hadn't posted pics of them in a while.

Here is LK...

And here is MM...

Aren't they beautiful?
Speaking of growing quickly?    My beautiful, talented, gorgeous niece, J, is a senior in high school this year.   Her Mom (my sister) and I started crying about it last year.    J was the first grandchild in our family.      She is special to all of us and we are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments.     I still love her even though she has chosen to go to Mississippi State.    (She can't be perfect!)
This picture was taken of her in the last couple of days.    It represents a couple of things.   First, her braces are gone!    Second, she got a new haircut for her senior year.

I am one lucky aunt.    Three beautiful nieces.   Three precious nephews.     God's blessings know no end!


Dr. Wifey said...

Mississippi State!?! just goes to prove how SMART she is! :)
you do have some gorgeous nieces

Sara said...

The twins are dolls, of course. I can't believe J is a senior. I still remember when she was a baby. Man, I feel old!