Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our No Good Terrible Horrible Day

We always spend a week in December with our friends from Atlanta.   We decided since we were already in the mountains, hubs would just drop us off there and we would meet him the next weekend in Birmingham to go home.     It was the perfect plan until...

Somehow in the unloading of luggage my suitcase got left in the car.   I don't know how it happened because hubs and I are both so OCD about things like this.   I think we were both very tired from the intense rain we had been driving in and sleeping in a bed that wasn't the norm.    Regardless of how it happened, about an hour after hubs left I asked the boys to take all of our things upstairs and Big Guy said, "Mom, your suitcase isn't here."    We searched again, but he was right.  

As I was dialing hubs I was so frustrated with myself.    When he answered I told him what happened and he said he would check when he stopped for gas.   A few minutes later he called and said it was in the back.    My first thought was that I would just go to Wal-Mart and buy a few things and  make do for the week.   However, he insisted that he drive it back because all my medicine was in that suitcase and I couldn't without THAT for a week.    We hung up.   I cried.   Then we waited.   

A few minutes later the phone rang.   It was my sister.   She asked where hubs was.  I told her and she said a gentleman had called and he had hubs phone.  WHAT?!?   Apparently when he stopped for gas he accidentally left it there.   We decided the best thing to do was ask him to hold it until hubs got back.  We asked him to ask for photo id before releasing the phone.   We hung up.  I cried.   Then we waited.

About an hour later the phone rang again.   My sweet husband.   He wanted me to know that he lost his phone and he didn't want me to worry in case I called him.    He didn't want ME to worry?   He is the one on the road driving back and he didn't want ME to worry?   Is it any wonder I love this man?

He arrived back at the house and I grabbed him in my arms and told him how sorry I was and he smiled this big smile and said, "It is no big deal.  I am just so thankful that I convinced you not to come meet me on the interstate halfway (which is what I wanted to do).   Since I left my phone behind we never would have been able to find each other."  

He gave me another great big hug.    Gave the boys a great big hug.   Then he sat down on the couch and gathered me in his arms and took a long nap.   

I don't know what the boys will remember about that day, but I hope they remember that they have a Daddy who goes the extra miles to love his family.    

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The Japanese Redneck said...

oh my, what a really horrible day....

he's right, it could have been worse