Monday, July 30, 2012

Preparing for Catastrophe

six bottles of water
2 bottles of sweet tea
two flash lights
various bags of chips and snacks
bottle of Advil

I decided to clean out my hall closet today to see what school supplies I had left over from last year and what supplies I might need.   In the process of cleaning and organizing, I found the things listed above.    They weren't all in one place, but stashed all over among the sheets and blankets.   

As I kept pulling out each random discovery I could not figure out why all of it was there.   Big Guy walked through and picked up a bottle of water.  

"Do you have any idea why this is all stuck in the linen closet?"

"Sure.  Little Guy puts it there so that we will have access to it when we are hiding here during tornado warnings.   If the news mentions we need it, he puts it in here."

As I tucked all of his supplies back into a special box and put it into the closet, I prayed that I can pack his heart with the knowledge that God is our greatest protection.

You are my defender and protector, You are my God.  In You I trust!
Proverbs 91:2

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