Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Best Way To Start A Vacation

As soon as we told the boys we were going on vacation, one of their first questions was "Can we see our friends in Atlanta either on the way there or on the way home?"   You did not have to convince us.   We love spending time with our friends as much as the boys do.   Whether they are here or we are there, those are some of our favorite times.

Our kids have known each other their whole lives.  When our friends moved in next door to us, Little Guy wasn't even born yet.   The little princess was just toddling around everywhere.    Look at them now.  

Saturday morning we woke up and my friend made a huge pancake breakfast.   Forget IHOP, she made all kinds of pancakes.   She made a chocolate chip and peanut butter chip pancake that the boys said tasted like a Reeses Peanut Butter cup.    What could be better than that? 

After breakfast, our husband went downstairs to the "man cave", their basement family room, to watch SEC football all day on the the big flat screen tv.   We didn't see them all day and they like it that way.   The kids did whatever they wanted to do:  played video games, jumped on the trampoline, walked around the neighborhood, crafts, whatever.    My friend and I?  A day of shopping.  Yes!   

On Sunday we all woke up and went to church.  See this picture...

Yes.  That is our husbands dressed very similarly for church.   It gets worse.  My friend and I came downstairs dressed almost exactly alike.   I was wearing a black and white striped dress.  She was wearing a black and white striped shirt and black slacks.    Our kids were making fun of us.   We almost went to change, but didn't because we didn't want to be late for church.  

I didn't really think about it again until later that day when my friend and I went out shopping again.   Yes... again.    Don't judge us.   We don't see each other very often.    Anyway, I kept noticing that people were staring at us.   I looked at her and said, "Um, people keep looking at us."    She said, "I think because we are dressed alike people think we are a "couple"."    That possibility had NEVER even entered my mind.   Oh, good grief.   From that point on every time someone looked at me I got the giggles because of how ridiculous it was.  

It was a wonderful weekend and definitely went by too quickly.  


The Japanese Redneck said...

Next time both of ya'll start singing and pretend you are in a vocal group!

Sheri said...

I still smile when I remember your reaction to my theory. Too funny! All vacations should include a stop at our house.