Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And Then Life Changes

Look at these sweet seniors.  Enjoying Labor Day at the beach.   The sixth one from the right is my Big Guy.  A senior.  I can't believe it even though in my head I know it is true.   This picture only represents a part of the seniors that make up our church youth group.  I know I am biased, but they are a pretty special bunch.  

They went into their senior year with plans to enjoy every second.  Weekend trips.  Sunday night suppers.   After school hang outs.   Squeezing every last second of fun out of their senior year.

And then life changed.   Last Thursday the sweet girl in the picture on Big Guy's left holding his hand was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.   Nothing else in the world mattered but our sweet Anna.  

Today she is in the hospital.   Starting chemotherapy to shrink the tumor so they can hopefully remove it with surgery.    Please be praying for Anna.   She has an incredible sense of humor, is intelligent, has a compassionate heart for others, is beautiful inside and out and has an incredible faith in our Lord.  

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