Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Guy's Man Cave

For Big Guy's 13th birthday he had one request.    He wanted his room changed from the antique car theme which he has had since we moved into the house when he was three to something more with a teen theme.      He also wanted to be able to redo the room by himself.    

After giving hubs a bag to breathe in for a few minutes, I convinced him that this was a really good idea.    I reminded him that no matter what color he chose or how it turned out, it was just paint.     We gave Big Guy a modest budget of $75 and told him that he could do all the work, but we would be his on-site consultants.

To start the projects, Big Guy had to strip off all the wallpaper border that went around the top of his bedroom.     Taking down the border was not as big of a challenge as scrubbing the wall to make sure all that glue was gone.     He said that was a big job.

Next he filled in all the holes, let them dry and sanded them smooth.

Picking a color took several weeks.     Big Guy taped endless samples of paint on his walls and gradually eliminated them until he was left with the winner:   Rock and Roll Red.

With all the trim and walls to do, he even let his little brother have some fun too!   ha!    You would have thought he won the lottery for as proud as he was to help with his big brother's room.

While the boys were painting, I was working on a special project in the garage.    

This is after I have spent about an hour sanding.     We have had this table since we were newlyweds.    Big Guy has been using it as his nightstand for a while, but I asked if I could update it to match his new room.    I stained it black and painted it with this checker/chess board on top.      He is loving it!

You know what I am loving?   What an amazing job Big Guy did with his room?

The shelves over his bed were ones he had before, but he restained and painted them all black to match his new "look".     We also repainted his bulletin board on his door to replace the blue border with cars motif.    Don't you love the bedspread set he found?    He only spent $30 for the entire set!

You are looking at one of Big Guy's favorite things in his room... the blackout curtain!    *smile*     The picture on the wall was his inspiration for the rest of the room.     We he found it he loved it and decided to use it for the basis for the rest of his room.

This wall happens to be my favorite in his room.    It features his autograph collection from Christian artists.     Some are album covers, some are drum sticks and there is a concert poster.       He also purchased a hook to hang up his Guitar Hero guitar which makes it nice and neat, but also looks great on the wall!

I am proud of Big Guy's man cave.     He worked really hard on it and it turned out really great.      He loves the fact that he did his room by himself and it is all his.      I love that too.


K Storm said...

Looks like a teen room to me!

HEATHER said...

He did a great job!

Shelby said...

He did an amazing amazing job! Think I could hire him to come and help decorate my house? And the checkerboard table you did looks awesome.

You know, Deanna, your future daughters-in-law are going to just adore you and Hubs for raising such competent capable young men with a strong sense of self and how to make things happen. Not to mention the biggest thing of all -- their strong faith and values!

The Japanese Redneck said...

He did a great job. Looks like a budding designer or handy man to me!

Sara said...

Great job!

Patti Lacy said...

oh, MYYYY! Is there anything he can't do????


Dr. Wifey said...

i love that he did it all himself!

Crystal said...

Wow, that looks great! He did a great job!