Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hiding Away

Last week hubs was out of town with his work again.    I am so thankful that his business is busy enough to require him to travel, but sometimes it can get lonely when he is gone so much.    After so many weeks of craziness we decided it would be good to get away.    We went home to Vicksburg and stayed at my parent's house.

One of the fun parts of going there was that my parents keep my twin nieces which meant we got to play with them.     One morning while we all went down to the Catfish Park to play.    

Even as their aunt sometimes I am amazed at how smart these girls are.     LK walked up to the balance ropes when no one was watching and just walked across.    As my sister said, "She got the gymnast gene."   She must have because I don't know any other 22 month olds who have that kind of balance.
Out of all the pictures we took at the park, this is my favorite.  I don't think I have seen my Big Guy smile that much in quite a while.   It is hard to smile when you are hurting.   

The boys had a good time just picking on each other and being brothers...

But mostly just enjoyed having fun with Nana, Papa and their sweet twin cousins, MM and LK.   

Loved hiding away with my boys.


The Japanese Redneck said...

The little girls are precious.

Your big guy looks happy in that picture.

Debra said...

Oh, that looks like such a great time. Big smiles from the kiddos are really nice, aren't they?

Patti Lacy said...

You SO capture the joy that kids radiate!
Have fun while the BIG DOG is away!!