Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Already?

I can't believe it is Friday.     It has been such a busy week for us.  Every minute we have not been running we have tried to be outside in this beautiful weather.   

The week started with Valentine's Day.     Hubs and I laughed at how differently we celebrate Valentine's Day now that we have been married so long.    He and I made a date for lunch because I can't stand going to a packed restaurant.    We are both so frugal/cheap (you pick your definition) that we picked our restaurant based off a coupon from our Entertainment Book.      Being able to enjoy a delicious bbq lunch with all the trimmings for both of us for only $9 just screams "Happy Valentine's Day" for us.     *smile*  

Going out to eat was such a big deal for us.    We told the boys we were taking them out too.   They were soooo excited.     Why?    We have all given up fast food/restaurant food since January 18th.      We made this decision after our 180 weekend.    Every year before 180 weekend (a discipleship weekend of our middle school ministry), our youth pastor challenges us to fast for the 40 days leading up to it.    This year we all gave up soft drinks along with one other thing.      After making that one change, we decided to try to add one more dietary change.  So, we all agreed to see how long we could go without restaurant/fast food.   

Grabbing a $5 pizza on church night or grabbing a quick sandwich from the $1 menu on the way to night classes had become too much of a habit.     It wasn't a matter of money as much as it was a matter of we want to eat healthier.

Anyway, after going without it was fun to treat the boys.    We decided to go to Beagle Bagel for supper and then go to Sweet Tree Yogurt for a sweet treat.   With full tummies we ran to Walgreens to grab a few things.  Hubs and I stood in the card aisle giggling like teenagers reading cards and then handing them to each other saying, "I would SO buy this one for you."     Cheap fun I tell you!

The boys have joined 4H shooting sports which means at least one or two nights a week there is qualifying classes.     To be able to compete they have to put in 8 hours training for each event in which they want to participate.    You can only participate in three events which means they had to choose from the list.     Little Guy's choice was easy since his age limits what he qualifies for at this point.    He will be participating in air rifle and air pistol.     Big Guy is old enough to do any of the events, but he ultimately chose the .22 rifle, air rifle and archery.      They are loving this!

Other than that it has been the typical stuff... school, dentist appointments, choir practice, church, and occasionally some sleep!

Happy Friday!   


The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds like a happy v'day and glad you included the boys.

They should enjoy that 4-h shooting.

I'll be out of pocked next week.
Have a good weekend.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Going out to eat is always a big deal for me too! I try to cook most of the time (we stayed in on V-day, husband grilled a steak for him and salmon for me), so when we do go out, it's always a treat! I like the not planning, prepping, cooking and cleaning up parts, a lot!

Yum, we haven't been to Beagle Bagel in ages. Need to remember that :) And we have not tried the yogurt place either. Maybe come summer. Although when Cold Stone opened years ago, we went several times and have hardly been since!

Sounds like a good week. Busy is good! :) Enjoy the weekend, should be gorgeous weather!

Allison said...

I have never been to Beagle Bagel but everybody says it's so good - I'm gonna have to give it a try.

The 4H stuff sounds like awesome fun for the boys! I love to shoot, but haven't had time to target practice in AGES.

Who said Valentine's had to be a certain way - I say it's whatever you make it! And it sounds like y'all had a very special and fun day!