Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 Day Husband Challenge

I love my husband so much.      I try my best to show him that 365 days of the year, but I especially love Valentine's Day.    I know that a lot of people do not care much for the holiday.    

Valentine's Day is a lot more than a holiday to us too.    It is the day that hubs asked me out for our first day.    I still remember where I was sitting in my apartment when the phone rang at 9:00 at night.    Hubs was still at work and he called to talk and ultimately ask me out for the following Friday night.   

Valentine's Day is also the day that he asked me to marry him.     With that sweet nervous smirk on his face he told me he loved me and asked me to be his wife.     Sweet memories.

I decided that as part of my Valentine's gift I would take the 30 Day Husband Challenge.   

What is the challenge?  You cannot say anything negative or critical about your husband, to your husband or to anyone else about your husband.     Every day for 30 days.      You must say something positive and admirable about your husband, to your husband and to someone else about your husband.

The 30 Day Husband Challenge was created by the Revive Our Hearts ministry.     You can go here and sign up to be a part of the challenge.   Signing up means that they will send you daily encouraging emails as well as tips on how to encourage your husband.

“If a man feels that his wife desires him, he can face the 
rest of life’s problems with confidence — even conquer the world."
-- Shaunti Feldhahn

If this 30 Day Husband Challenge can help my husband know just how much I love, admire, respect and desire him then I think I have found the perfect Valentine's gift!

Want to take the challenge too?    

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Good luck on your challenge. Part of our luving is to pick on each other so I know I couldn't take the challenge.