Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Weeks In

We are almost finished with our third week of school.    This is our third year to be homeschooling and for the first time I feel like we have found a routine.     We all seem to be working on the same page.   

Big Guy took a biology lab at Belhaven College during our first week of school.    I am SO thankful that Dr. Reese offered that lab.    The thought of dissecting that pig, sheep's heart and other things in my kitchen still makes me gag.   

I am really starting to have flashbacks.   This is Big Guy's freshman year of high school.    He is taking MS History, biology, literature, Algebra, and Latin.     Those are the exact subjects I took my freshman year.     The difference between Big Guy and I?   He is so much smarter than I am.     He has already gone through the first three literature studies and gotten a huge start on his MS history studies.    I told him about his MS history project which will be due at the end of the semester and he didn't even blink.   

Little Guy is equally impressing me.      He gets himself up in the morning, gets dressed, eats breakfast and starts school before any of us have had a chance to even hit the alarm button.     He is motivated to learn.

That is very intimidating to me.... and I am their teacher!

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Allison said...

That is awesome. You are doing such a great job Deanna!