Thursday, October 27, 2011

For Now A Two Pet Family

So I have one of my readers send me a message and threaten me about not updating my blog enough lately.     Yes, I have been kind of a slacker.    It has been kind of crazy around here and my blog is not the only thing that has gotten neglected.    

The boys and I started the school year early thinking that if we had any interruptions then we would already have a buffer built in and wouldn't get behind.   Somehow that only works in theory.    It doesn't matter how well you plan, if your schedule gets interrupted then no matter far ahead you are you manage to fall behind.     This doesn't seem to stress us out as much as it did in year 1, but it does still stress us out a little.     Big Guy has a much heavier academic schedule since he has started high school.   One of his greatest lessons so far doesn't seem to be academic as much as it seems to be time management.    

As hard as we work during the week, we try to enjoy the weekends.    Hubs and Little Guy are still enjoying lots of bicycling.      Big Guy is

Being a part of 4H is wonderful because they give us a lot of advantages.   One of those advantages is getting tickets to big events.    They sent us tickets to the MS State Fair.    I am not a fan of the fair.    It just creeps me out on so many levels.    Our local news station did a story on the safety of the rides.     When they were showing the story, I nearly gagged.   I told my husband, "Forget how safe they are.   Look how completely NASTY those things are!    I would have to Clorox that before I could touch it."      Add to that the smell of all those foods and animals.    It is a nightmare to me.    So all that to say that I did NOT go, but hubs was sweet and took the boys.    They enjoy it much better when I am not there say, "Please don't touch that."

Here are a few pictures that he sent me....

The last picture you see is of the boys throwing ping pong balls into fish bowls.    Yes, the boys won a goldfish.    They named him Tommy.    He is now happily swimming his life away.     The last time the boys got a fish I thought it wouldn't last but a few weeks, but we had that fish for four years.    So who knows how long we will have Tommy.    But for now, we are a two pet family.    A cat and a fish.... what a combo!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

I don't do the fair. It has no appeal to me.