Monday, October 3, 2011

Melancholy Is Incompatible with Bicycling

We drove over to Vicksburg Friday evening so that Hubs and Little Guy could participate in the 2nd annual Bricks and Spokes ride.    They signed in and received their race packets on Friday night and we settled in at my parent's house for a good night's sleep.

God could not have given us a more beautiful morning to be downtown for the start of the race.   It was cool and sunny and just gorgeous.   The picture above was taken from the hill looking down on all the racers as they were getting ready.    In the background is the train depot which was in so many photos during the spring flooding.      All of this area was under water during that time.

I am not sure how many racers were signed up for the race, but it did not seem as though there were as many as at last year's race.     There was another bicycle race as well as a 5K going on in town at the same time so that may have been why.   

My little bicycle racer... #9.    He has grown so much since last year.    He toughed out quite a few races going no less than 10 miles in each on a standard Wal-Mart bike, we bought him a good bike for Christmas.   He loves it.     Now he says, "Bring on that 35 mile trek!"

Speaking of that 35 mile trek.   I am not sure who made out the race course this year, but wow!   We drove it on Friday night and decided that it was just a little too on the dangerous side for a ten year old.    The course took many public roads that were very heavy with traffic and were not going to be closed.     Race or not... safety first.     Because of that, the boys decided to just do the 20 mile race instead.

The 20 mile course took them over the Mississippi River bridge.   Hubs took this pic as they were crossing.   I just love it.    Such a great picture.

Here are my two guys at the 20 mile turn around mark.    Uncle Randy, who made the ride with them, took the photo.

So proud of my men.    They had such a good time and they love spending this time together.    

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Congrats to them for doing the race.

Saturday was a beautiful day!