Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Mom? Did YOU forget?"

Last night we had an event at church so by the time we got home it was already almost 9:00.    Hubs and I were engrossed in the Olympics (yes I am an Olympics addict).    All of a sudden I was really tired and realized that it was 11:45.   I decided I needed some sleep and headed towards my bedroom when Big Guy stopped me in the hallway.  

"Mom?  Are you going to bed?"

"Yes, sweetheart.  I am tired."

"But you can't go to bed.   We haven't had family prayers."

Oh... he was right. 

"Go get your brother and I'll get your Dad."

We met in the living room and Big Guy said, "Little Guy is sound asleep on his bed.   I think he fell asleep reading his book."

We had our family prayer time and I went to bed.


Sitting on the couch this morning sipping on my first cup of morning coffee, a very groggy Little Guy walked in to the living room.

The first words out of his mouth?

"Mom?   We didn't have family prayers last night before I went to sleep."

Out of all the things we are trying to teach our boys and traditions we have tried to establish, I am so happy that our time of family prayer is one that is as important to them as it is to us.  

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