Monday, January 28, 2013

Father/Son Weekend

Hubs and Big Guy drove to Atlanta for their annual Father/Son weekend this past weekend.     One of Big Guy's favorite bands was performing a concert.   Every time I look at a picture of him I can't believe that young man looking back at me is my son.   He is so much taller than me.   He is almost as tall as his Dad.  

As much fun as the weekend was for them, by far their favorite part was surprising our best friends.    They drove to a local Papa John's pizza.   They asked the manager to call our friends and tell them they had won a contest and ask them what kind of pizzas they wanted.    Hubs and Big Guy acted as pizza delivery guys and took them the pizzas.   Hubs said my friend was totally shocked when she opened the door and saw Big Guy standing there with the pizzas.   

Each weekend, family night and vacation is becoming more and more precious because I know my sweet guy will soon leave home.   Oh man... I think I better go get some tissue.

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Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

That was a delicious trick to play on your friends. I'm glad they had a fun time.