Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Family Christmas (Part 1)

We hosted family Christmas at our house this year.    We took a trip up to Canton to see the lights and enjoy beignets and hot chocolate.    Looking at lights is something we used to always do, but has become quite the challenge since our family has gotten so large.    We came up with the idea of getting a van so that we could all ride together.   It really was fun to all be able to ride together.

Here are some photos we took while walking around Canton.   The beautiful young woman in these photos is my niece.   Before you ask... yes, she is just that photogenic in every photo she takes.   Gorgeous isn't she?

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Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

She is very pretty. I hate pictures of myself. Nice that someone can take very good photos.

Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful XMAS time with your family.