Friday, July 17, 2009

Foto Friday

Little Guy discovered my old 35mm camera last weekend and immediately asked if I would teach him how to use it. We ran to buy new batteries and a couple rolls of film and after a few pointers I let him loose. It was so fun watching him find his subjects.

I wanted him to look at his subjects, take a test photo with the digital camera and then take one with the 35mm, but he just wanted to jump in. I decided to just let him because trying is the best way to learn. I had fun trailing behind and taking photos of him!!

Here are some of the shots I took while following him around...

To "Concerned": I realize that I don't post a lot of photos of Big Guy. He has reached the middle school years and he has become shy and not to happy about having his photo taken. He also has final say on what photos I am allowed to post on my blog. What that means is that not a lot of photos are posted. It doesn't mean I am showing favoritism. It means I am respecting Big Guy and his wishes.


Dr. Wifey said...

i think it is great that Little Guy is showing interest in photography. have you gotten any rolls developed yet? would love to see some of his shots!

kudos to you for respecting the wishes of Big Guy. for those of us who know you and how dedicated you are to your boys, there was no indication of favoritism

i'm black betty said...

w.t.heck? you don't have to explain yourself to ANYONE, deanna. it's your blog and you put what you want on it. i've never questioned you having a "favortism" toward one child or the other...that's absurd!!! you can tell in your writing how much you love BOTH of your sons. sorry, i had to rant for a minute. that was just ridiculous.

anywho, i am SOOO pumped about his interest. please post some of his pics up here. i'm dying to see them.

love you. mean it.

Melissa B. said...

Such Superior Snaps! One question: Did you take the ducklings & the church, or did he? I still have quite an affinity for the old 35mm cameras and film photography. It's exciting that your Little Guy is showing an interest! And you're such a Cool Mom...I posted a snap of Ella Numera Dos this a.m. which is none too flattering!

Brooke said...

That reminds me of back when I was a girl and took pics and saved up my money to send them into Clark photo to get them developed. Hey...maybe you have a future photographer on your hands.

I don't know where the other comment come from, but I can sooo relate. My oldest really doesn't want his pics taken and he isn't at that young age where you try to capture so much. When he was their age I was taking just as many pictures.

K Storm said...

Neat that Little Guy is interested in photography.

My daughter has gotten really sensitive about what I share on the blog. I don't update much anymore...but she really wants to approve anything now.

Carrie said...

I heartily second Black Betty's comment!! Whatever!