Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Out of curiosity I called some therapist offices today to find out the cost of a therapy session today. Don't worry. I am not freaking out or anything, but I wanted a comparison. I found out that one session with a therapist will cost about $110 - $175... for one session!!

I have found therapy for myself much cheaper than that. I have been searching for a "therapy" for quite a while. Someone once told me that going to the tanning bed was therapy for her so I tried that. Strike that... I was too claustrophobic. Then someone told me that going to get manicure/pedicure was very therapeutic. I don't know, but having someone perform something that I could do myself seemed like a waste of money for me. There were several other suggestions, but they had downsides including the fact that I could still think. Part of therapy to me was that I wanted a break from "thinking".

Then, back in January I discovered a paint studio. Easely Amused. I was immediately addicted. I am not a great painter, but I love painting. I have to concentrate on the instructions of the teacher and what I am doing so much that there is no way for me to think. It is complete brain break for me.

Here are a few of the paintings I have done...

"Let Him Fly"
"The Wondrous Cross"

Last week was Christmas in July so I painted a bunch of canvases
to decorate my house with at Christmas time!
One of the best parts of going to paint is meeting friends there.
Suzanne introduced me to Easely Amused and I just love her for it.
I am thinking that a bunch of us "bloggers" need to go one night! Doesn't that sound like fun???
You can see all the classes at Easely Amused! Tell Bridget I sent you for a "therapy" session!


Dr. Wifey said...

we are SO going to do a session together when i am in town next time! Lawd have mercy i need some therapy LOL

From the Doghouse said...

That bird's nest is definitely my favorite. Fantastic job!

I'm still searching for my therapy.

K Storm said...

You must have read my mind...I was just thinking that last night...maybe I could finally meet some of these people too!

i'm black betty said...

that sounds awesome! i wanna go!!!

btw, i LOVE the first painting the best. :)


Nicole said...

Yay!! I love painting with you! Indeed very theraputic...and I have a free session. Really need to go again soon!

Peggy said...

Just found your blog... Looks like you talk about some great stuff!

Love your therapy. Lately I think mine is finding new blog friends. :-)

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

and now you just go without me......

maybe one day we can go again together!

Carrie said...

Great pics D!!

I'm such a perfectionist and a terrible artist that painting therapy would most likely lead me to drink.

Who am I kidding? I need a glass of wine right now. heh heh