Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Guy's Baptism

What a special day Sunday was!     Little Guy was baptized during our morning worship service.       Although we had talked about it and planned for it and prayed with him about it, it didn't seem truly real until I saw him in the baptism robe.     

Pastor Phil came out and talked to the group of boys about the baptism and how it would work and what would happen in the baptistry.

 I knew that out in the sanctuary our family was filling pews waiting for this special moment as hubs and I stood with Little Guy.      Thanks to K Storm she told me that I could be in the back taking photos.     Thank, K!

As soon as I saw Little Guy sitting in the water and heard his video testimony being played, my tears started pouring and I couldn't stop praying, "Thank you, Jesus!   Thank you, Jesus!   Thank you, Jesus!"

Do you know how tough it is to take photos when you are crying tears of joy and praise?


Hubs and I have decided that 3 John 4 is one of our favorite parenting Scriptures:  

"There is no greater joy than to 
see our children walk in truth!"


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

That is just a beautiful scene. What an amazing moment as a parent.

I DO have to say your pastor cheats... he should be in the water too :)

Allison said...

What a blessing. That's awesome.

Dr. Wifey said...

what a special time for Little Guy and your family!

Sara said...

So proud of him! Beautiful!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thank you for sharing this super special moment with us!! What a true blessing. May he always seek the Lord and put Him first.~Amen.

i'm black betty said...

that.is.awesome. o happy day! :)

K Storm said...

So glad you had that special time. No greater moment as a parent!

RT said...

What an awesome verse and thank you for sharing such personal, wonderful pictures. :) I know what a huge decision that is.