Monday, October 19, 2009

Punkin Carving

While most people were moaning and groaning about all the rain, I was kind of glad to have it.    All the rain meant that the soccer fields were too wet for the planned games which meant I had an unexpected day off from work.    It was the perfect day to be off because there were so many fall festivals and car shows going on around our area.

What wasn't perfect?   Leaving the camera card in my computer!   Man I was so frustrated with myself when I went to take that first picture and realized what I had done.  

The boys got free little pumpkins at the Township Fall Fest.    They asked to carve them when we got home

Once they got the first part over with....

They started carving.     The boys wanted to do this project all on their own so they took all of the photos too.

I couldn't resist editing this one photo that Big Guy took after I saw the expression on Little Guy's face.

While Little Guy worked very free style, Big Guy had a definite plan for his pumpkin.


When I posted on Facebook that we had carved our pumpkin someone asked why we carved so early.   Big Guy did some research about pumpkin preservation.      He said that he read that spraying your pumpkin with Clorox Cleanup was supposed to be really effective in making your pumpkin last longer.     So... he is testing that theory.       We'll see how well it works.


Dr. Wifey said...

Big Guy is a scientist in the making! love it! LOL cute pictures, especially the lightening bolt knife one

Allison said...

I have never carved a pumpkin. And hubby can be kind of a clutz with knives. I think we'll just pass on that tradition. =)

i'm black betty said...

they crack me up!!!! the diva and i will be carving a punkin this week. she wants hers to look like a scarycrow. :)