Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Orleans - Day 3

After another trip to get a good breakfast from the Embassy breakfast bar, we decided we have to do just one more thing before we left New Orleans.    We thought it would give the Insectarium a try.    Bugs may make me shiver, but they are right up the boys alley.   

I am going to tell you that the museum wasn't so bad.   Once I made it past this...

This was a pantry filled with food that they had just let roaches loose in.    As you can see, Little Guy stuck his head up in there.    Talk about a nightmare!     Seeing all those roaches crawling around his head just about made me throw up.

Some of the bugs were even dead.      That didn't bother me at all.    In fact, the display in the picture above reminds me of a high school project that I had to do.    Our teacher told us we had to gather about 50 bugs, stick them onto a board with straight pins, label them with their regular and scientific names.     It took FOREVER to find all those bugs.    My Mom didn't want those bugs in the house so she made me keep them in my Dad's shop.     The night before the project was due I finished labeling all of them, sprayed them with hair spray like the teacher said, and went and put them in my Dad's shop.   The next morning I went out before school to get the project and all the bugs were GONE!    The pins were still there bug all the bugs were gone.   All we could figure out was a bird or some type of animal had eaten them.     It was awful.     I remember praying that morning that whatever animal ate them got really sick from all of that hairspray.    I know... awful.

 Little Guy was stoked when he saw this sign that said "cooking show".    He didn't even care that they were cooking with bugs.      He wanted to get there early and was the first person to volunteer to try all the foods they had out.

Oh yes, that says chocolate covered crickets, cinnamon bug crunch, southwest worm, crispy cajun crickets.   Did he try them all?  Yes.   The only one he said wasn't good was the southwest worm.    The chocolate covered crickets must not have been bad because all the kids were coming back for seconds and thirds.

Trying a banana cricket fritter.    He said it was delicious... with a slight crunch.    

If I lived in New Orleans and had a pass to all the museums, I think that I would go to the Insectarium on a regular basis for their butterfly garden.     I could have sat in there with a book for hours.    It was so relaxing.   Although I must admit that part of me wanted to open all the windows and let those butterflies go up into the sky the way they were intended.    

Once we were through enjoying the Insectarium, we had just one more stop to make.   We had promised the boys a stop at Cafe Du Monde before we left New Orleans and we were going to make sure that we kept that promise.

Perhaps eating these delicious, powdered sugary beignets in the car weren't the best idea.   But we all enjoyed them so much it was worth the clean up!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Not my kind of fun. I hate bugs.

Not going to eat any intentionally either.

But, boys will be boys

Heather said...

Visit my blog for a duo of blog awards here: http://blessing-farm.blogspot.com/2011/01/two-blog-awards-for-me.html

I have enjoyed your blog.



Allison said...

I'm glad I had a girl who hates bugs as much as I do. I probably wouldn't sleep for a week after a trip to a bug museum. Buuuhuh!

Cafe du monde sounds lovely though......

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ewww. I didn't know there was an insect place in New Orleans! Where is it? I would love the butterfly part though. I spent a long time in the butterfly conservator at Callaway Gardens a couple of years ago. Took wonderful pictures and even had a few land on me. It was SO cool!

And my goodness, you're braver than I! I would NEVER let beingnets from Cafe du Monde in the vehicle! I think we'd be finding powdered sugar for years to come, LOL! :)