Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On The Road Home from New Orleans

So on the road home from New Orleans we saw this sign posted on the side of a church.     Hmmm.... we all did a double take.    Even the boys made a comment.    

"Mom, is that sign really talking about the Lord's supper?"

"Are they really comparing it to a fast food combo meal?"

I am not sure what my answer was to my boy's questions because I was so stunned.     I did ask hubs to turn around so I could take a picture.     I posted it on Facebook and got varied and wide reactions.

I thought a lot about those reactions too.

When I think about the Lord's Supper I have a sense of awe come over me.     Our church does not observe communion every Sunday as some do.     I am sure there is a reason behind their weekly observance, but for me it takes the holiness out of such a sacred act to make it a weekly habit.   

I don't know how you feel about receiving communion, but hearing my pastor read Jesus' words and envisioning the sheer agony, flesh tearing pain and soul gripping death He endured for my sins so that if I confessed those sins I could have eternal life with Him makes me weep every time.    This isn't a mere cup of juice and wafer of bread.    This is a token of His blood and His body.    The thought of holding it in my hand and "doing this in remembrance of Him" is sacred.

I am sure that this church thought they were being clever as they are right across the street from a McDonald's.     However, I wonder if this church knows just what type of reaction they are truly getting.  

I know that the raw reactions on both of my boys' faces was enough to know that this church needs to do some rethinking.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Well you know they are a little bit different in New Orleans....