Thursday, April 7, 2011

4H Invitational Competition

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day for the boys first 4H invitational shooting competition.     The competition was held at the FBI shooting range which is a huge deal.    We are the only organization outside of law enforcement who has ever used their shooting range.       It is a beautiful place.      It was a huge turnout because 178 shooters from 8 counties showed up to participate.    They said it was their biggest turnout for this event.

Both boys competed in three separate events throughout the day.     Big Guy's first event was the .22 rifle.     I was amazed at his steady hand.   You shoot three separate rounds:  one lying flat, one kneeling and one standing.

All those hours of practice really showed.     Big Guy was grace under pressure and it showed, because he won first place.

Little Guy and his best friend, J, both competed in 5 meter and 10 meter air pistol.      I sat behind the line with my binoculars watching as they shot their rounds.     Little Guy hit the black on every one of his shots!    He wound up winning the 10 meter air pistol round because of his sharp shooting.

Little Guy got mad at me for having a favorite event, but I really do love the archery most of all.     There is so much skill involved and you can see the results immediately.      Big Guy is lucky that he trains with such an incredible instructor.     The gentlemen who trains him once was in the Olympics in archery.    

Big Guy was just a few points off winning first place in this event.     Right before he went to participate his sighter fell off and it took him the first round to get it reset.    If he hadn't had to do that we feel like he would have had the points to win.     If he keeps practicing between now and state, who knows?

State competition is on April 30th.      Can't wait to cheer my boys on!


Shelby said...

Your boys just completely rock. So do you -- these pics are awesome! :-)

The Japanese Redneck said...

Congrats on their placings.

Sorry he had trouble in archery.

It was a beautiful weekend. Hoping we have another one this weekend.

Taylor & Krisa said...

Awesome! So proud of their hard work.