Monday, April 11, 2011

Time With Our Beauties

If we get a chance to spend a few days with my sweet nieces, we jump!    My sister was away on a business trip which means my parents had the girls by themselves for several days.   Also, my Dad was fighting an injury to his leg so that meant keeping up with two year olds was quite a challenge.     The boys and I decided to go over and hopefully help my parents out by playing with the twins.

We had the best time playing with them.    The girls wanted to do anything the boys were doing.   When Little Guy was doing his school work, they both wanted to sit at the table with him doing their own school work.    When Big Guy was on the computer, they both wanted to sit in his lap and "do it too".    

We love spending time with our sweet little beauties.    My sweet boys make great big "brother" cousins.